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  World's Largest & Longest

Chi-Town Union Station is now the world's largest O-Scale model layout. 
There are layouts in bigger buildings, on larger plots of land, and a few featuring multiple scales may have more total trackage, but there is nothing as intense as Chi-Town.

Nowhere is there a layout with more lineal feet of O scale, two rail track installed and running.
And yes, we are aware that there are several HO layouts that may be bigger than Chi-Town. Dollars go much farther in smaller scales.

Chi-Town Union Station is also the home of the world's longest model train.

On March 20, 2010, Chi-town assembled and ran on a permanent indoor model railroad layout, with grades and curves, a train 1,112.06 feet in length consisting of 1205 cars and 26 locomotives.
The train weighed almost 1400 pounds.

The two-hour long build, measurement and operation was witnessed by an invited list of local and state dignitaries and licensed professionals chaired by the Oakland County Executive, L. Brooks Patterson. The actual measurement was accomplished by registered land surveyor, Joe Kapelzak, using a combination of computerized optical and laser surveying equipment.

The route across the Chi-Town layout we selected rose and fell more than 22 inches. Circumnavigated a great many standard and double slip switches and negotiated 1,680 degrees of turn per lap.


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